vBulletin Forum Hosting

Vbulletien is a type of web hosting that has powerful software package. This program has many useful features and consistent PHP-based solutions in the market. The vbulletein web hosting offers unparalleled scalability and robustness as compared to other hosting companies present in the market. This scalability is the reason why most of the businesses and webmasters select this hosting as the forum solution.

Features of vBulletin Forum

This program is same as other open-source platforms such as SMF and phpBB, however the only difference is that vBulletin is not a freeware. This means that if you want to use this product then you need to purchase its license. However, you need not worry about their cost as they are priced reasonably and investment in this hosting solution is worth each penny of yours.

In addition, the design of vBulletin allows you to implement third-party components which show its great functionality. This plug-in is available in paid and free extensions which provide you the ability of enhancing your forums which your user communities will always appreciate. This forum software program originally was designed in Perl language which was supported by the basic system of file database.

As the forums of vBulletin started growing their administrators began realizing that their sites were not able to manage large traffic volumes which resulted in the sluggish performance. This problem was addressed quickly and rectified. Thus, the script of this program is now written in the PHP language that uses MySQL data management system. In addition, the vBulletin platform assures quality support to all its users.

You can get contact their customer service agents through email, phone and all other additional resources. Moreover, you can also get the priority support through community forum that runs on same efficient server platform. The vBulletin also offers support features such as upgrades and professional installation that are not offered in the free hosting programs.

In order to use this product you need to buy its license. This product has a wide range of licenses that you may purchase, however mainly there is a leased and an owned license. The cost of an owned license is round about one hundred eight dollars while that of a leased license is about one hundred dollars.

The owned license gives you freedom of running this software indefinitely and you also receive free updates for a year. However, the leased license allows you to operate this software for a stipulated period and once the period is over you need to renew it license so that you can continue using it.

However, to get the latest and updated prices you can visit official website of vBulletin. After you order this product you are given a link from where you need to download this program onto your local hard drives. Once you get this service simply upload appropriate files onto the server which utilizes an in-built file management system. Although this process is easy, this software package provides complete instructions regarding how to run this software program on server. If you want to create active forum communities then vBulletin hosting needs to be considered as your forum solution. Thus, if you want less complications and more time for focusing on making your community a success on the internet then you need to go for vBulletin hosting solutions.