MODx Hosting

MODx hosting implies a novel kind of niche hosting that takes care of the MODx software. Although it is just mentioned like a CMS, its qualities are much more than any ordinary CMS. Successful in your search engine optimization efforts, it is an open source accessory, which is founded on the PHP application framework, it can exclude all the restrictions and allow building a website just as you like. This is possible though CSS, HTML, JavaScript and other featured technologies.

MODx CMS Features

Ready for Web 2.0 – MODx is a pioneer free PHP-based content management system software that provides so much support for AJAX based programming. It is the most potent technologies of the web 2.0 times. Although some programs cannot allow you to use a more than one JavaScript library, you can use Mootools, jQuery, ExtJS or a library that you desire. Yu can also use AJAX effectively to use live search and special effects for the present websites.

Peerless SEO affability – This hosting is the most useful SEO Solution for any CMS based hosting. You do not have to fret about introducing novel modules as it can help in producing user-responsive URLs. You can also maximize your optimization efforts through an add one known as Strict SEO URLs, which allows you to change the URls and suit them accordingly.

Unique content – it also has support for all kinds of content just like all CMS platforms. You can produce your content types for enlarging your offerings. You can use the inherent MODx Documents feature to change JavaScript applications and style sheets and to add images into word, pdf and xml documents.

User affable text editors – Mdox only has TinyMCE, which can be downloaded easily. It can also be used to apply distinct text editors. One can also use famous FCKedtior tool on it and other editors are going to be introduced soon.

Multiple Browser Solution – Most of the CMS solution can’t work on different web browsers without any problems. However, you can handle the site easily through various browsers like Firefox, safari and internet explorer with MODx. So, if you an internet connection, changes can be made to the site from any corner of the world.

Just like other CMS services, some conditions have to be followed while selecting a MODx hosting service. It is necessary that you use a server that is using PHP programming language along with a MySQL database. This web server could be of Nginx, Lighttpd, Zeus or IIS type. It could be using OS like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Such conditions ensure that you have so much freedom despite the platform selected by you. However, make sure that the developer of the product has some suggestions that you can follow for getting an optimum performance.

MDox has so many features in it as a CMS that it can provide support to novel web technologies just like any other CMS. This is the reason why it is so famous among the developers. Many users also get perturbed since this software has so many advanced options and features. Hence, one should know his/her needs and evaluate them against the technical abilities to determine whether the MDox hosting is suited for them.