Joomla Hosting

Joomla web hosting is powered with Joomla content management system (CMS). In the Swahili language this term means as “a whole” or “all together” that accurately describes its ability and efficiency to manage different kinds of content.

This open-source product was released under the general public license (GNU) and its download is completely free of cost. Thus, anyone who wants an effective method to create and maintain their site this hosting solution is an ultimate requirement. This hosting solution provides you with all important features such as polls, blogs, newsflashes, internal searches, multiple language assistance and many more things.
In addition, the installation of this software on the server is very simple. You can install it manually or through one-click application installer program such as fantastico.

The management of front-end of your website is easy as working through a click interface and intuitive point. You can create new content through WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. The WYSIWYG editor provides easy utility of standard word process tools to aide simple editing.

Basic and noteworthy features of Joomla hosting

Exclusive management of content: This hosting solution provides all tools that are required for managing your content. All the sections such as news, services or products can be managed and edited individually with ease.

Database-driven sites: As Joomla operates on MySQL, it provides all benefits which come with the database utility. It means that you can use dynamic website which interacts with the PHP to efficiently display server content.

Fully customizable: One of its great qualities is its user-friendly and flexible layout structure. In addition, you can customize all templates and also organize the content virtually in any location as you want in each of the pages.

Multimedia support: Another equally important thing about this hosting solution is that it offers extensive assistance for the multimedia files through its software directly. From back-end you can manage and upload video and audio files for using them anywhere on your website.

Dynamic community Features: Joomla hosting offers many dynamic features which appeal to the community users. Some of these features are the polls and forums which display results on the spot.

Extensive administration tools: The powerful interface of this hosting solution offers its users to easily manage each aspect of a particular website.

News: This hosting is an ultimate destination for operating a new site. The Joomla comes equipped with a Newsfeed manager and Random Newsflash generator which allow the users to select from around three hundred and fifty feeds across the world.

Organizational hierarchy: This hosting solution is designed to assist users manage their content-rich site in an organized fashion. This means that you can make as many sections, categories and articles as per your requirement.

Module Management: The Joomla is a platform containing many modules that add functionality to it in their own ways. You can easily manage everything right from your articles to your banners, themes and media.
Although there are numerous CMS platforms to select from however tremendous power, active community and easiness have made this hosting solution an excellent choice for people.