Free vs Paid Web Hosting

When it comes web hosting plans, there are two options to go with, one the free one and the other paid one. But in either of the case, if one chooses a particular web hosting company, one should be sure of having made the right choice by signing up with that particular company. If the choice is not made properly in the initial stage then one would have to face the consequences of making the wrong choice in picking the wrong web hosting company.

Choose between Paid and Free Web Hosting

When it comes to both the paid ones and the free ones, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the two is not too easy, but if one has a clear picture in mind then the task ahead becomes easier. The decision would become a lot easier if one knew exactly what comprises the website needs. If it is personal use then a free one is certainly a decently good choice. On the other hand, if one is looking for commercial purpose based website then one needs to give a thought to the paid ones as well. Based on what fits the bill well, a final decision can be taken.

To be sure of making the right call, one should first know about the basic differences between both the paid and the unpaid web host services.

When it comes to the free web hosting, one is provided with a domain which helps in setting up the website for free. At the same time, there are other companies also that come along to place their advertisements on the websites. Whereas for the paid websites, getting the third party to showcase their ads as such is not easy as it is not for free and it becomes more like a paid service.

When it comes to access, the free hosting provides a limited amount of website access which affects the traffic that is coming in your direction. There is a given amount of accommodation for the traffic and if the limit is up then it is close to impossible to get additional data transfer, at least not in shortest period of time.

The customer support offered from both the ends that is paid and unpaid varies immensely. Like for instance, the quality that is placed for the free ones is not so good. Basic queries are looked into, plus they are not done with priority and efficiency. Whereas on the other hand, when it comes to the paid web hosting, extra care and attention is given to the client. There is 24 hour customer support offered, free hot line, technical help desk and also the availability of the forum to help the customer to post feedbacks and testimonials.

Another obvious difference is that there are no extra beneficial features with the free web hosting where as there is enough with the paid ones. Features like PHP, FTP, MySQL, cPanel and many more.

Lastly, security wise there are definitely limitations with the free web hosting plans. On the contrary, the paid ones have better security measures which ensure that the data posted on the website is well protected.

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