Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers can provide best possible performance for the websites. Choosing dedicated servers is also an important decision that requires proper and careful planning. However, before owning or leasing the server you need to consider several factors.

What is dedicated server hosting?

The type of web hosting service where the entire server is given in rent or sold to one buyer (one hosting account) is named dedicated hosting. A dedicated hosting could be used like a single website or by multiple websites in the same time (then it has to be shared), may vary depending on your requirements. Just one hosting account could reserve the server resources.

What’s good about a dedicated hosting?

The dedicated hosting plans usually have good functions and their use is more flexible.

Users of this type of hosting can control the server operating system, server hardware specifications, website bandwidth allocation (if more then one website is hosted on the account), and custom web installation. For a better technical support, some hosting providers organized a team of technical personnel which serves to dedicated hosting users.

Dedicated Hosting: Managed vs Unmanaged

Supervisory tasks of a dedicated server can be completely in- charged by the user or provider, it depends on the hosting providers. Still we can not define the management role of dedicated hosting providers because they do not have access to the relevant directives, standards.
In the market, the most dedicated hosting plans are ‘Managed Hosting Plans’ and here users can totally monitor the hosting server; but the hard part will be performed by the dealer (such as server maintenance, software installation, security auditing, intrusion detection, server backups, and applications updates). To make easier the consumers job the hosting providers often offer hosting plans with pre-configured specifications.

For example, in the following table you can see a dedicated hosting plan offered by Hostgator. You can see that from the beginning have been preset hardware specifications and base operating system.

When is the right time to take up a dedicated hosting plan?

We recommend you the dedicated hosting in these cases:

  • if your website is facing a massive traffic
  • if you use heavy web applications on your website
  • if you consider that the website security is the most important for you
  • if you do not really have much knowledge of PC or you have insufficient manpower

Do you need a dedicated server?

Do you think that the dedicated server meets your requirements?

You don’t need a dedicated server if you are an individual webmaster or a blogger. You will need this if you have hundreds of thousands visitors in a day, but in the most cases the dedicated servers are not for them.

For sure the dedicated server has positive features, but don’t forget that this type of hosting is more expensive.

Critical factors that you need to consider before leasing or deploying a server

Server hardware: This is the most important element of dedicated hosting solutions. A large number of manufacturers produce different kinds of hardware. That is why it becomes important to ask the hosting providers about their hardware components such as RAM, processors and hard drives. All the advantages of dedicated servers are invalid and illogical without having any reliable aspects or high performance equipments in them.

Network connectivity: While installing a dedicated hosting solution, you also can receive a dedicated internet connection. If you really want to achieve a good performance of your website then you certainly need to check the status of your network provider. You need to inquire about questions such as are you being provided with a T3 or T1 line? Are there any unnecessary connections? Who are the backbone providers of dedicated servers? The answers to these questions can tell you many things about overall reliability and performance of the dedicated server.

Bandwidth allotment: Another crucial factor of the internet and web-hosting business is the bandwidth. Most of the hosting businesses offer you a particular bandwidth allotment every month. When you are selecting the dedicated server, it is recommended that you choose a package which provides you a particular figure instead of the packages which are advertised as “unlimited”. Check out how much amount of bandwidth you are allocated every month.

IP options:
If you are having a dedicated hosting solution then you at least are guaranteed of one IP address. However, in some cases you many require multiple address. For instance, if you are operating two e-commerce stores on server, then you will require at least two different IP address for purpose of security.  It is essential to remember that every SSL certificate needs its own IP address to be installed on server.

Restoration and data backup: Most of the customers overlook the backup options when leasing a dedicated server. This is one area that you certainly need to check for as there can be a data loss due to file becoming corrupt, sabotage, theft and natural disasters. You can take different proactive measures so that the data on your server is restored and backed up routinely.

Technical Support: This is another essential element of dedicated server. You need to be fully aware of the support level provided by the service provider. Check and make sure that you can make contact with company twenty-four hours in a day and even days a week whether it is through email or phone. Without technical support it will be difficult for you to achieve a good performance for your website.

Network reliability and server uptime: Again here the reliability and uptime of servers are never guaranteed. Most of the network providers offer a good uptime guarantee however you need to be a little conscious and inquire more about the same.